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Bet365 Granted Gambling Licence in Mexico


Bet365 has reached out to Mexico. The move has been done in partnership with Ganador Azteca, a gambling department of national TV broadcaster TV Azteca.

TV Azteca holds a 25-year gaming license to open one land-based casino in the state of Veracruz.

The license also permitted the company to operate a single gambling website – here bet365 steps in as a partner and gets a licence to operate in Mexico under Azteca’s umbrella.

New market like Mexico is added value to UK bookmaker presence in Latin & South America and planned expansion – Bet365 also applied for gambling licence in Argentina.

Mexico has very old gambling law, dating back to 1945 where local authorities have a final say about who operates on their ‘territory’.

New government is looking to apply federal law and regulate the market on a state level.

No doubt, provincial authorities are not happy about it as at this moment they are collecting taxes – the change of the law would mean they will lose some, if not all, income from gambling.

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