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Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. Nickname – The Seagulls

Brighton & Hove Albion

There are two very well-known nicknames for Brighton & Hove Albion football club, which are the Seagulls and Albion. Both nicknames originate from the city name and location.

Brighton and Hove is a coastal city in the south of England so nickname Seagulls is not a surprise at all – plenty of seagulls can be found across the coastline.

As for Albion, the name comes from the ancient Roman name for the Great Britain island.

Albion means “white” and Romans created it because of the white cliffs on the coast of La Manche channel, not far away from Brighton.

VIDEO: Brighton & Hove Albion FC – Club History (12:08 Minutes)

Traditional colors of the club are blue and white. On a plus note, Brighton and Hove was the first club from England which added Albion to their name.

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