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Manchester City F.C. Nickname – The Citizens

Manchester City
Manchester City fans call themselves The Citizens. Many of today’s football clubs in England spread their roots from different Church clubs – one of them is Manchester City.

During 1880’s members of the Church of Southeast Manchester founded the Sent Marks Football Club.

In 1894, after several changes to the of the name of the club and playgrounds, the reorganization followed and the name has been permanently changed to Manchester City.

Manchester City’s colors are sky blue and white. There is no specific answer where the club got the blue color of the jersey. The origin of the home blue and white colors is also unclear, but there is evidence that the club is wearing blue since 1892 or earlier.

There is also photographic evidence from 1884 that describes the team wearing a black jersey featuring a white cross that shows the origin of the club as a church team.

Manchester City First Kit
Manchester City First Kit

However today’s emblem of the Manchester City football club is much different and they are mostly known by the nickname The Citizens.

The City fans’ chanting song of the choice is a Blue Moon – so many City’s fans call the club Blue Moon as well.

Few other nicknames are used, and both are related to the club’s colors – Heavenly Blues, Sky Blues or simple and short – City.

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Manchester City Nickname
Manchester City fans

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