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Newcastle United F.C. Nickname – Magpies

Newcastle United

Newcastle United was founded in 1892 by merging two local clubs, West End and East End. West End had financial problems and East End wanted to become bigger club with more fans, so in 1892 they decided that the city needs only one club that everyone will support.

Both being from Newcastle, they simply named the club Newcastle United.

In 1894 common decision was that Newcastle United jerseys should have different colours than jersey’s from East and West End, and they agreed that club’s colours should be black and white.

Ever since the team played their first match at St. James Park stadium, the same name of the playground remained when new stadium was built.

Newcastle United – Magpies / Toons: The nickname Magpies was derived from the famous black and white club colors, while the nickname Toons was obtained from a local pronunciation for the word city.

At the first glance Newcastle’s nickname is simple and comes from the club colors, but there is more to it – local legend says that a couple of magpies moved to the northern stand of the stadium and that brought luck to the club with winning trophies.

Besides that, the bird couple became local attraction and Newcastle football supporters started to call themselves The Magpies.

Though the history this bird was to be found on Newcastle’s logo as well.

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