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Norwich City F.C. Nickname – The Canaries

Norwich City

Norwich City football club was founded in 1902. From the very founding of the club in 1902 to 1907, Norwich City were nicknamed the “Citizens” or “Cits” for short. Since 1907 Norwich City football club carries the nickname The Canaries and flashes bright yellow colours.

The nickname “The Canaries” comes from “The Strangers”, which were mostly Flemish and Dutch originated protestants that came to live in Norwich city and surrounding area as refugees in the 16th century.

They were famous for breeding canaries, and the football club was named after them since 1907. The one can say that canaries really symbolise Norwich, as locals joined the canaries business and were making a living from it by selling birds in other cities, mostly London.

In that period Norwich City changed the club colours from blue and white to yellow and green and added canary on the badge. The badge was modified but the canary remain on it to this day. On the badge there is Norwich’s 11th century castle and the gate which is guarded by a lion.

Basic colours of the club, yellow and green are one more reason for the club to be called The Canaries – it is bird’s natural colour.

Other less famous nickname of Norwich City is The Yellows – whenever Norwich is playing home match at Carrow Road stadium, yellow is dominant colour everywhere.

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