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Southampton F.C. Nickname – The Saints


Southampton football club nickname is The Saints. It is one of the most famous nicknames in English football – Southampton FC got the name from the local church, specifically the St. Mary Church.

Southampton is considered a “holly” club, so players and fans are called “Saints”.

The nickname is directly related to the time when this club was founded – in 1885, Southampton founded the Association of the Young Men of the Church of St. Mary, and that was the first full name of the club. Club has been know under the short name, St. Mary’s, as well.

Therefore, the football ball on the current logo of the club is decorated with a halo.

The club changed names in the early years few times, but the nickname Saints survived all the changes.

Southampton FC finally became the name of the club back in 1897, and the whole story is well rounded when St. Mary’s Stadium was opened in 2001.

The stadium has a capacity of 32,000 seats and is currently the largest football stadium in South East England.

VIDEO: Southampton fans chanting (3:33 Minutes)

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