What is Cash Out and how does it work?

Cash Out Betting Feature Explained

Cash out feature in betting has been introduced few years back and since its first introduction (I think it was Bet365 that started first), the popularity of the feature with punters is going only one way, at that is up.

I’m not surprised, as there is a perfect reason for its popularity – Cash out is unique betting feature that gives you a chance to take a part of your stake back or cash in the profit before the match is over.

The offer is very popular as it offers added value to your betting and, sort of speak, safety net for your bets.

There are various reasons why you might want to cash out your bets, here are few examples:

  • If your bet is in profit and you want to take your money before the selection is settled.
  • If your bet looks in danger and you want to secure part of your stake.
  • If your ACCA bet is in profit and you want to add it to your bankroll before all selections are settled.

Bookmakers offer Cash out in real-time, giving you a chance to ‘save’ some money if your bet is going bad, or to make profit while the match is still going on.

Cash Out is perfect for live betting as you can manipulate your bets actively, taking the new bet opportunities and dropping the ones you don’t like or are not running in your favour.

The amount offered to be returned depends on the likely outcome of the match and of course, current result, time and what is going on in the match.

The amount of money you get back could be greater or less than the initial stake, depends on your bet and likely outcome.

This widely used and very cool feature is not for bets going bad only – you can take a payout if your bet is winning as well.

For example, if you placed your bet on home win, and away team starts the lead, amount offered for payout would be very low, however;

  • If home team scores an equaliser, amount offered for withdrawal will be much higher, but quite possibly still lower than your stake.
  • However, if your team starts a lead, you will be able to cash out with profit. If you see that away team might score the equaliser, maybe it’s good time to get your money out while taking a lead…

That is how Cash out feature works.

Pay out is offered during in-play only, meaning you will see the Cash Out feature available only during the live match.

Pre-match bets qualify for the Cash-out, but the feature will be available only once the event started.

There are 2 basic Cash-Out types in betting;

  • Full – take the offer in full and withdraw from the bet
  • Partial – withdraw only part of your bet and keep the bet open/running

With Partial withdrawal from the bet, you can take an early payout from the bet while the event is still running.

For example, you can take your stake back if your bet is currently winning, and let the rest of the bet to run looking for more profit from it.

What is a Cash Out in Betting?

Cash out is a sports betting feature that gives you a chance to take a part of your stake back if your bet is not going well, or cash in the profit before the match is over while still ahead.

Can You Cash Out Free Bets?

Free bets are usually not available for Cash Out, however that depends on the bookmaker running the promotion.

What Is Partial Cash Out?

Partial cash out allows you to take an early payout from a bet while the event is still running. Let’s say that your bet is winning and offered Cash-Out is higher than your stake – you might cash in the stake and let the rest of the bet to run for future profit.