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Bournemouth F.C. Nickname – The Cherries


The exact date of the foundation of the Bournemouth football club is unknown, however it is known that it happened in the autumn of 1899.

The club that was founded by St. Jones Institute was called Boscomb F.C., named after a suburb on the eastern edge of Bournemouth.

In the early years, the club wore jerseys that resemble the ones of Madrid’s Ahtletico – a red and white jersey with blue shorts.

Later they changed it to red jersey with black stripes.

At one point Bournemouth’s players wore totally red shirt with white sleeves, but at all times red was dominant colour.

Even club’s logo is red with black stripes and has a footballer who is heading the ball on it.

The red colour is one of the reasons why the club’s nickname is The Cherries.

The other reason why Bournemouth FC got nickname The Cherries is that their stadium Din Kort is built next to a large orchard filled with cherry trees.

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