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Southampton F.C. Nickname – The Saints


Southampton football club nickname is The Saints. It is one of the most famous nicknames in English football – Southampton FC got the name from the local church, specifically the St. Mary Church. Southampton is considered a “holly” club, so players and fans are called “Saints”. The nickname is directly related to the time when […]

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Cardiff City F.C. Nickname – Bluebirds

Cardiff City

Cardiff City was founded in 1899 and is the only non-English club to win any of the three major English competitions – Cardiff City won the FA Cup in 1927. Cardiff is a city located in Wales, but the club joined English football league in 1920. The first name of the club was Riverside FC; […]

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Brighton & Hove Albion F.C. Nickname – The Seagulls

Brighton & Hove Albion

There are two very well-known nicknames for Brighton & Hove Albion football club, which are the Seagulls and Albion. Both nicknames originate from the city name and location. Brighton and Hove is a coastal city in the south of England so nickname Seagulls is not a surprise at all – plenty of seagulls can be […]

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Crystal Palace F.C. Nickname – The Eagles

Crystal Palace

From 1905 to 1973, Crystal Palace FC nickname was the “Glaziers”. The name of the club originates from Victorian-style Crystal Palace building in south London. Not only that football club is called Crystal Palace, the whole area in southern London carries the same name. The palace after which the club got its name was destroyed […]

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Newcastle United F.C. Nickname – Magpies

Newcastle United

Newcastle United was founded in 1892 by merging two local clubs, West End and East End. West End had financial problems and East End wanted to become bigger club with more fans, so in 1892 they decided that the city needs only one club that everyone will support. Both being from Newcastle, they simply named […]

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Bournemouth F.C. Nickname – The Cherries


The exact date of the foundation of the Bournemouth football club is unknown, however it is known that it happened in the autumn of 1899. The club that was founded by St. Jones Institute was called Boscomb F.C., named after a suburb on the eastern edge of Bournemouth. In the early years, the club wore […]

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Everton F.C. Nickname – The Toffees


Everton, like the most clubs from England, was founded in the 19th century in 1878. At the early beginnings, Everton FC was founded under the name St. Domingo by the local church as the Church wanted to give local youth the opportunity to engage in sports and founded the club. At the initiative of local […]

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Leicester City F.C. Nickname – The Foxes

Leicester City

Leicester City FC was founded as Lester Fosse by local English students in 1884, and the name was given in tribute to Fosse Road – an ancient Roman road that went through the city. After the First World War (during 1919), the club changed its name to “Leicester City FC” because Leicester got the status […]

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West Ham United F.C. Nickname – The Hammers

West Ham United

There are many major clubs in the capital of England, but in East London itself most hard core football fans have just one club – West Ham United. The only explanation for that attitude is that the football was once a game of fun for the working class, and there was plenty of hard working […]

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Watford F.C. Nickname – Hornets


Watford football club has very interesting history about their nickname. The club has been founded in 1898 and through the years has changed club colours, logo and nickname several times. Through the history the club’s colours were black and white, white, red, green and yellow. During early years Watford’s nickname was The Brewers because of […]

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Chelsea F.C. Nickname – The Blues


Chelsea football club as we know it today is known under the nickname “The Blues”, but the original nickname of the club was somewhat funny – The Pensioners. Chelsea FC was founded in 1905 and got its first nickname the Pensioners because of the retired ex-military servicemen that resided at The Royal Hospital in Chelsea […]

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Wolverhampton Wanderers F.C. Nickname – Wolves

Wolverhampton Wanderers

Wolverhampton Wanderers also known as the Wolves are one of the clubs in England with amazing and respectable history. The club was founded in 1877 under the name St. Luke. Two years later, after the fusion with the cricket team the Wanderers, the club got the Wolverhampton Wanderers name that is still in use today. […]

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Norwich City F.C. Nickname – The Canaries

Norwich City

Norwich City football club was founded in 1902. From the very founding of the club in 1902 to 1907, Norwich City were nicknamed the “Citizens” or “Cits” for short. Since 1907 Norwich City football club carries the nickname The Canaries and flashes bright yellow colours. The nickname “The Canaries” comes from “The Strangers”, which were […]

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Manchester United F.C. Nickname – Red Devils

Manchester United

When the football club was formed in 1878, it was called Newton Heath and it’s original nickname was the Heatens. This is because of the city area where the club was formed, but Heaten is also a term for someone who is not a believer and Manchester United was the first club who was playing […]

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Manchester City F.C. Nickname – The Citizens

Manchester City

Manchester City fans call themselves The Citizens. Many of today’s football clubs in England spread their roots from different Church clubs – one of them is Manchester City. During 1880’s members of the Church of Southeast Manchester founded the Sent Marks Football Club. In 1894, after several changes to the of the name of the […]

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