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Watford F.C. Nickname – Hornets


Watford football club has very interesting history about their nickname.

The club has been founded in 1898 and through the years has changed club colours, logo and nickname several times.
Through the history the club’s colours were black and white, white, red, green and yellow.

During early years Watford’s nickname was The Brewers because of the local Benskins brewery (now Watford City Museum), which was not far from the stadium, however the nickname wasn’t very popular among the fans.

In 1927 the club changed the jersey’s colour to blue. They used to wear blue until 1959 and were called The Blues, same as Chelsea supporters.

Soon they changed colours to gold, black and red, and fans had the opportunity to choose the new nickname for the club. Because of the chosen colours they voted that the club’s nickname is to be The Hornets. Up to today, the club also has a mascot Harry the Hornet and the logo of the club was the hornet.

In 1978 the logo with hornet was replaced with a deer. The reason behind this change is that the origin of the name Hertfordshire (the area where Watford FC is located) is coming from deer or hart, meaning that this deer in the logo of the club is deeply linked to the roots of the area that the club represents.

Today Watford are known as Hornets although they have hart on the logo, they still have their mascot Harry and their colours are black and yellow.

Watford had also some other nicknames but they aren’t so popular – The Golden Boys, The Yellow Army and The ‘Orns.

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