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Chelsea F.C. Nickname – The Blues


Chelsea football club as we know it today is known under the nickname “The Blues”, but the original nickname of the club was somewhat funny – The Pensioners.

Chelsea FC was founded in 1905 and got its first nickname the Pensioners because of the retired ex-military servicemen that resided at The Royal Hospital in Chelsea area and attended the matches. Even Chelsea FC logos in the past featured the pensioners.

After the logo was changed and lion was add to it in 1952, Chelsea FC was also refereed to as Lions or The Blue Lions. This nicknames aren’t very popular among the fans, because there is another club in London with nickname “The Lions”- Milwall.

Chelsea logo history

Chelsea’s jersey colour has always been different variations of blue. The shorts were mostly white but in the 1964 their manager Tommy Dorcherty changed it to blue – the kit was changed to all blue with white socks.

It was about the same time Liverpool changed to an all red kit. This was quite a change because teams in that time virtually always had different coloured shirts and shorts (shorts were usually white).

Since 1960’s Chelsea supporters and club has been more commonly known as ‘The Blues’.

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