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Tottenham Hotspur F.C. Nickname – Hotspurs

Tottenham Hotspurs

How did Tottenham Football Club got his nickname, Hotspurs?

Tottenhams’ Nickname Spurs is just a short name of the club, but the reason why the club is called Hotspur dates back to the 14th century.

At the time, the famous knight Sir Henry the Fourth got the nickname Harry Hotspur, it was due to his his speed, aggression and courage during battles.

He used to dug in his spurs into the horse to make it run faster during the battles with the enemy.

Besides, Harry Hotspur was very fond of cock fights, where spurs were fitted to the cocks legs.

Henry and his family owned a lot of land around Tottenham, and he himself was immortalised by William Shakespeare in Henry IV. Harry Hotspur is a local legend, up to this day.

Tottenham Hotspurs
Harry Hotspur

When football came to the scene and the club was founded in 1882, people in Tottenham had no doubts – the club should be called Hotspurs FC.

Tottenham Nickname
Tottenham Hotspurs First Logo

In 1921 Tottenham Hotspurs added a cockerel to the emblem, till date it is a main feature of the football clubs’ logo.

In the last few years some fans of Tottenham Hotspur like to called themselves “Yid Army”.

There is a bit of controversy about that name in the public and why it is used.

The story is actually very simple – during first few decades of 20th century a lot of Jewish families were living in the East End. Tottenham’s stadium White Hart Lane was few tram stations away and easy reachable.

Consequently, a lot of Jewish families attended Hotspurs football matches on Sabbath and supported the club, hence the nickname.

During modern age, some Tottenham supporters use the “Yid Army” nickname, being Jewish or not – there is no political background related to this nick.

There is one more name that supporters use for Tottenham, altho rarely used – The Lilywhites.

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