Everton F.C. Nickname – The Toffees

Everton, like the most clubs from England, was founded in the 19th century in 1878.

At the early beginnings, Everton FC was founded under the name St. Domingo by the local church as the Church wanted to give local youth the opportunity to engage in sports and founded the club.

At the initiative of local youth, the club was renamed to Everton in 1879 to carry the name of the district (region) in which the club was founded.

In the first decades of their history, Everton had several different sets of colors.

The team originally played in all white, then blue and white stripes. Later they started wearing all black jerseys which wasn’t very popular.

In 1901 the team was wearing royal blue jersey for the first time – the same kit is used today along with white shorts.

The club’s logo development has also very interesting story because it is very unusual for a football club.

The season 1938/39 remained specific due to the fact that the emblem of Everton was created in the form that is recognisable to this day.

On the emblem was written the name of the club, the Everton Tower and the slogan “Nil Satis Nisi Optimum”, which in translation means “Nothing but the best is good enough”.

What is interesting, the Prince Rupert’s Tower, which is on the logo, is a building that at the time served as a kind of punishment for drunks and minor criminals.

Everton’s nickname is also very interesting, The Toffees.

The most common theory behind this nickname is that not far from Everton’s stadium Goodison Park was a sweets shop, mostly with caramel candy named –“Mother Noblett’s”, and one of the candies was called ‘Everton Mint’.

At that time the woman who led the workshop sold the candy on Goodison Park on the day of the match. Before the start of the game she was walking around the field and selling candy to the crowd.

The sweets became very popular and part of the event, and eventually Everton fans started to call themselves The Toffees.

Everton has several other nicknames which aren’t so popular as The Toffees.

They’re sometimes called The Blues because of the colour of the jersey, The Black Watch (as per old black jersey), The Dogs of War, The People’s Club or the Evertonians. None of these nicknames are popular among the fans as The Toffees.